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voixCentral Busines Phone Pro

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Taxes and Fees:
 - Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Charge (VoIP) - State
 - CASF (VoIP) - State
 - CA Teleconnect Fund (VoIP) - State
 - CA High Cost Fund A (VoIP) - State
 - Utility Users Tax - Local
 - TRS (VoIP)
 - FCC Regulatory Fee (VoIP)
 - Federal Compliance Fee (VoIP) - Federal
 - Federal Compliance Fee IP CTS (VoIP) - Federal

voixCentral Busines Fax Pro

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Included Features:
 - Umlimited send and receive faxes (US/Canada)
 - Online portal
 - Fax to Email and Email to Fax
 - HIPAA Compliant